Friday, September 30, 2005

Good Times

Despite unusual tropical weather activity our gulf coast is still a great location for good times. Any level of activity desired can be experienced. In fact a solitary walk on the beach is guaranteed to remove all your cares. This time of year you might not see another human for miles but you will be accompanied by sandpipers darting in and out of the surf for a meal. Out of the corner of your eye you'll see movement that seems deceptive because it's hard to spot the creature that's scurrying around. It's just an almost transparent sandpiper emerging from his sandy nest for a meal. Seagulls will always be nearby or overhead looking for a handout. Don't be tempted. I made that mistake just once, in public no less. I was enjoying a funnel cake at the big beach party called the Shrimp Festival. Then in an unclear moment I fed the seagulls which was fun for a brief period of time. Soon other festival attendees began to experience aerial bombs and needless to say I was the most unpopular person at the Festival.

This year's Shrimp Festival (Oct. 13-16) is just want the coast needs. Food, fun, music and arts & crafts. One of the artists returning this year to display his fabulous watercolors was completely wiped out in Pass Christian, MS from Hurricane Katrina. His home and art studio were destroyed but he has a thankful attitude because he and his family are okay. I'm sure there are many more stories of this nature which is why I'm anxious to attend the festival. Also, there is just nothing to compare to the fresh seafood delicacies eaten with the sounds of the surf and smell of salt air surrounding you.

Good times for many means the month long fishing tournament in Orange Beach. For me the delight is watching the charter boats arrive back with their daily catch. San Roc Cay Marina in Orange Beach is excellent for viewing this sight. Plus the center contains great boutique shopping and wonderful restaurants.

Fall is without a doubt one of the best seasons for good times, good food, good bargains and no crowds.