Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How's the Weather in Gulf Shores?

One of the biggest considerations for a visit to the beach is weather, especially if you want to make a last-minute trip. I've lived near the beach my entire life and although I choose not to disclose how long that is, I can say with confidence that it is long enough to know the area very well. I can also say with confidence that the weather at the beach is often different than conditions just to the north of the coast. I grew up in Loxley, Alabama, which is a farming community 25 miles north of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan. Many times I would leave my home in the rain and arrive at a sunny shore. I'm not implying that this is always the case but it often occurred. The other weather phenomenon is how brief the rain usually lasts when we have the typical afternoon thunderstorms.

So my message is that the weather at the beach in the fall of the year is wonderful. I strongly urge you to make your plans for a fall vacation in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, Dauphin Island (Alabama) or Perdido Key (Florida) so that you can experience the glorious fall weather that we are having right now. By the way the forecast for this weekend (Sept 28-30) is fantastic with clear skies and great temperatures in the 80's. The gulf water is also still warm enough to enjoy and the vacation rental rates are GREAT!

Come on down the weather is fine! Choose your vacation rental from over 2000 beautiful beach houses and coastal condominiums.