Friday, November 19, 2010

Walk to the Hangout Beach Music Festival in Gulf Shores

If you've been watching the press releases and reading our email and other social media communications today you know that the next Hangout Beach Music Festival will be May 20-22, 2011. Even though the entertainment lineup has not yet been announced NOW is the time to secure your accommodations for the prime spots on the beach near the festival.

My recommendations are to rent a Lighthouse, San Carlos or Seawind condo on East Beach Boulevard just a few blocks from the Festival. And really when you are on the beach I guarantee you that walking to the where the music is happening seems closer than normal. At one of the many nearby properties (see our map for other property suggestions) you will not need a shuttle but there will be shuttles available again for your convenience if you choose a property, maybe a large house, not within walking distance to the magical, musical happenings.

Another hint - if you have fallen in love with a particular property that seems like a home away from home during your visits to the beach, I highly recommend that you reserve it for the Hangout Beach Music Festival dates now.

You can even count on a free night (4th night in a condo or 5th night in a house), so there is no reason to delay.

Call your friends and family, decide what size house or condo to rent and get ready for a big beach party.