Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Friendly Pet Properties

Pets are members of our family and more and more of us do not want to leave them behind when we go on vacation. Recently at Meyer Real Estate one of our vacationing customers from Phoenix City, Alabama said it best when commenting on her visit "we so enjoyed having our whole family (pet) together. For people who don't have children often their pet becomes one, and it was great to have him with us." She is certainly not alone in this idea of traveling with a family pet, especially if the pet is a dog.

Our beaches are the perfect place to walk and play with dogs, especially in the Fort Morgan area which has less beach restrictions than the City of Gulf Shores. Both areas are accepting to pets with proper care taken to ensure everyone around you has a pleasant experience. More and more of Meyer Real Estate's vacation rental houses located on the beach or within a short walk are now allowing dogs under 30 lbs. to visit with their owners year round. A list of specific friendly pet properties can be found here.

A few years ago my family included our precious Lhasa Apso, Princess, on our beach vacation. Even though we only live a few miles from the beach it was a great treat to spend the relaxing time together at the beach house without the cares of the day. We were happy to find a friendly pet property and I'm a true believer that including the family dog can enhance the beach experience.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grass to Last

Sea grasses have an amazing ability to hold the sandy soil in place thus building dunes and preserving beaches. For eighteen months the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama spent large amounts of funds to rebuild, widen and stabilize our beaches. The many months of dredging and depositing sand resulted in an award-winning restoration recognized by the American Beach and Shore Preservation Association. This organization named us one of six Top Restored Beaches in America for 2006.

Phase two, the planting of sea oats and panic grass and erecting of fencing called "snow fence", is quite remarkable. Now from any vantage point, up and down the Alabama Gulf Coast, as far as the eye can see the new growth is taking hold, hunkering down and accomplishing the goals. The whole process is a special wonder to behold. I've watched the newly planted sea oats sprout, flounder a little when we had too little rain, and now begin to flourish. I can't wait to see the next step as the dunes begin to form and grow.

For a first-hand look at this incredible new growth of sea grass designed to make the beach last, simply search our website to find a bargain-priced vacation rental property and head to the coast. You'll love what you see at our award-winning beach.