Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend Perfection

Sometimes all the elements align for the right temperature, wind, sun and humidity. How wonderful when two days of these extremely favorable conditions occur during a weekend. And that's precisely what happened this past weekend. The temperature was hovering in the upper seventies with a gentle breeze, bright sunlight and low humidity. It was perfection.

I always imagine when the weather is this outstanding on our coast (Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, Alabama & Perdido Key, Florida) that our vacation rental winter guests enjoy themselves tremendously but find it difficult to return to their cold climate in the north. It does, however, make our phones ring with anxious callers ready to make last minute reservations at the beach. Since we are open at our corporate office in Gulf Shores 24 hours per day we welcome these calls no matter the hour. In fact, it is amazing to review the volume of calls in the wee hours of the morning. Given the schedules most people maintain it's not surprising that it is late, late at night or early in the morning before they get around to taking care of planning a getaway.

Today I took advantage of the great weather by dining outdoors at a local's favorite restaurant, Bayside Grill, overlooking a picturesque marina. The food was great as usual and there is just something so inspiring and relaxing about dining alfresco. Just gazing at the water and boats sitting so still in the water awaiting their owners to take them for a cruise, reminded me of the pleasure to be enjoyed on our numerous back waters.

On days like today I reflect on how blessed I am to live so close to the water.


Melody said...

Neat blog.We're coming down in May and I can't wait to see the ocean again!!!
Can you add a photo album to this site? Like recent shots from the area?

Sarah Kuzma said...

Thanks for your compliment on the blog. And it's great to hear you will visit our coast soon.

Yes, we are in the process of finalizing our photo album of current shots for the web. See you in May.

Donna Melton said...

Nice Blog. Be there in June and can hardely wait.I also agree, like how about some pictures. See ya in June.

Sarah Kuzma said...

Great to know you are visiting in June Donna. We'll post the photos soon.