Thursday, October 06, 2005

Falling for Festivals

Don't you find that as the weather becomes milder a type of fall fever strikes again - you know that urge to get outside after months of warm or even hot weather. No one really calls it fall fever like we do spring fever but it is the same feeling. Fortunately there are lots of fall festivals that give us solid reasons to spend leisure time outside.

In our area we have a great music festival, BayFest in Mobile, Alabama, coming up this weekend (Oct 7-9) featuring among the many artists the band Widespread Panic, American Idol runner-up Bo Bice and legendary B.B. King.

The following weekend (Oct. 13-16) Gulf Shores will celebrate that great crustacean -the shrimp. The 34th Annual National Shrimp Festival started as a way for locals to get together for a big beach party after the summer season. It soon evolved into a way to attract beach-goers back to the beach after the busy season. Then it grew and grew and more beach area was used to display fine arts, arts and crafts and of course local restaurants sold shrimp delicacies. The food list grew until the consumer can now find a wide variety of both seafood and non-seafood items plus lots of sweets. One of my favorite food vendors sells the most delicious fudge in a huge range of flavors. Not just chocolate and vanilla but truly an amazing variety. Check out the pistascio nut, it's very tasty. There's even a vendor selling homemade ice cream that is cranked by a John Deere motor. The festival extends well into the evening as the music gets into high gear at two stages.

This year we are promoting the Shrimp Festival by offering our vacation rental customers a FREE NIGHT during the festival. Click for details. We will probably experience lots of last-minute reservations as we approach the festival. It looks like we will have great weather and that usually makes the Reservation Hotline phone ring at 11th hour so to speak.

Now's the time to pack your bags and head our way because here on the Alabama Gulf Coast we are ready for fantastic fall festival fun.

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