Friday, November 18, 2005

A Chill is Okay

There is a term "half-back" that refers to those people from the Northeast who moved to South Florida but later move "half back" to North of South Carolina. The reason is usually that they miss the seasons. I can understand that reasoning because we've had unusually cold weather for November with highs in the 80's or at least high 70's most days. All that changed as a cold front with rain on Tuesday night moved through and left us with 60's in the daytime and 30's at night.

The amazing point is that the chill in the air is really okay, even at the beach. When you are sitting on your balcony overlooking that gentle curl of a wave lapping sleepily at the shore it is a wonderful sight for the eyes. The smell of salt air is also refreshing and then there's the wonderful sound to delight the ears. Besides the gulf front there are fabulous sights and sounds on the back bays, which are abundant in our area of the world.

Even my rare opportunity to play golf this week was not at all hindered by the cooler weather, it was indeed very pleasant. We are so blessed to play golf year round on some of the most beautiful courses in the whole world.

Fishing is abundant now too with lots of tournaments occurring both inshore and in the gulf waters. In fact one group just left our area and the tournament winner is going back home $75,000 richer. And it never seems to ever get to chilly to fish.

Basically our gulf coast region consisting of Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach (Alabama) and Perdido Key (Florida) have the variety of seasons without the severity. So right now the chill is okay and soon it will be warmer.