Monday, June 04, 2007

Leave the Lawn and Drift Down to the Shore - Gulf Shores

Tired of mowing and watering your lawn? Maybe you are even in an area that is now restricting water usage, so you are watching you lawn turn brown. Trade in the grass (green or brown) for the soft white sands of the shore. Since Meyer Real Estate opened an office on Dauphin Island at Holiday Isle and recently reopened an office in Perdido Key, Florida we now represents a wide selection of vacation rental properties along a 50-mile stretch of beach. Gorgeous, expansive, peaceful beach. Some areas are more secluded than others, but even in the areas that are abundant with other visitors once you've chosen your spot in the sand and dipped your toes in the water's edge - you are at peace.

Then there is the glory of watching the sunset -oh how magnificent. If you are an early riser there is the joy of the spectacular sunrise witnessed from your private balcony overlooking the sand and surf of the gulf.

Take the hand of your loved one and stroll the beaches, stopping to gather shells as souvenirs of your journey. It will refresh your soul.

You won't see lawns at the beach but you will see the flourishing sea oats as the beach re nourishes itself with the aid of these tough plants. Be sure not to pick them (it's against the law) because they are critical elements in the regrowth of the dune system.

Occasionally during your vacation you might see a rain cloud appear on the horizon. Generally these do not last long and they provide needed water for the plants. The awesome plus, if this occurs while you are at the beach, is the view (again from your balcony) of the rain over the gulf water. Grab a book, sit back and just relax as the sound of the rain takes you to a place of relaxation not easily described or duplicated.

Our website has all the details of your vacation property choices when you are ready to leave the lawn and drift down to the shore.

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