Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mullet Toss Weekend on the Alabama & Florida Coast Begins Friday

Plan for unprecedented adventure at the 26th annual Interstate Mullet Toss and Gulf Coast's Greatest Beach Party this weekend (April 23-25) at Florabama.

Unless you've been one of the thousands who annually flock to the coast for the Mullet Toss you may be wondering why we fling fish across the Alabama/Florida state line? It's actually a fundraiser to benefit various local charities but I'll bet the participants would answer that's it's a great excuse for the best beach party in the world.

The venue itself is a real adventure - Florabama is a famous bar that straddles the two states and is one of the last roadhouses in the USA. In addition to the celebrity toss there are a variety of age categories for you to toss mullet. Just imagine the bragging rights when you return to your real world after you've flung a fish for an impressive distance.

Vacation condos and houses are still available if you want to make last-minute plans for the unique Mullet Toss experience. Enjoy a 3rd night FREE in a condo or 4th night FREE in a beach house with our Mullet Toss special.