Friday, December 23, 2011

Crowded Beaches at Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Would you believe me if I told you our beautiful Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast beaches are crowded this time of year? You would be smart not to believe there are human crowds and the crowds of birds remove themselves quite naturally as you stroll by them seeking treasures from the deep. Yes, our treasured shells are quite lovely and arrive daily with the tide.

If you seek serenity and the joy of walking along the water's edge for miles this is your time of year. You will encounter a few other visitors who appreciate this value season and the warmth of the sunshine and the warmer Southern hospitality, but you won't encounter crowds.

I call this the value season because not only are the Meyer Vacation Rental rates the lowest of the year, we are also running a BOGO (Buy One Get One FREE) special allowing you to stay for two weeks in January or February for the price of one week. I'll take a free week any time of year, won't you? It's also a value season because lots of restaurants run winter specials to get patrons in the door. They know you will love the food, the relaxed atmosphere and the live music (where available). They are banking on the fact that you will tell your friends and family what a great experience you had and that is more powerful than any ad their business could run.

Of course there are lots of other fun activities while here on our shores such as golf, tennis, mini-golf, go-carts, dolphin cruises, etc. but for me the simple pleasure of walking along the shore brings a joy that's indescribable. Add a sunset to the scene and I'm in heaven.

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