Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Tropical Storm Karen Leaves Behind a Treasure on Alabama's Gulf Coast

Q: What is left behind on our coast when a tropical storm fails to come ashore?
A: Beautiful shells and wonderful sunny weather!

Last weekend when Tropical Storm Karen was advancing towards the northern Gulf Coast, we saw an impressive display of high surf. City officials took the appropriate action of prohibiting swimming because of the dangerous rip currents, however I can tell you that it is an awesome sight to see.

We waved a big goodbye to the storm as it simply broke up without landfall for us or our coastal neighbors. Following the storm threat our area is now experiencing cooler, sunny, beautiful weather just in time for the 42nd Annual National Shrimp Festival (Oct. 10-13), which is held directly on the beach in Gulf Shores.

Yesterday we went on a beach field trip to document the beautiful weather and calm seas and found a treasure trove of amazing shells now deposited on our shores. I know what you're thinking about our work assignment - tough job but someone has to do it.

Fall may be pretty in your hometown but speaking from experience in my area of the world, there is nothing as wonderful as a fall trip to our gorgeous beaches.

Fun food festivals are another reason to visit Alabama's Gulf Coast this fall. The weekend following the Shrimp Fest you can enjoy local food, wine and beers at the Alabama Festival of Flavor, held in historic downtown Foley on Saturday, October 19th. And in just a few weeks we'll be back at the beach at The Hangout enjoying seafood, music and SEC football at the Oyster Cookoff event on Saturday, November 9th.

See you at the beach.

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