Sunday, February 26, 2006

Playful Dolphins

As our guide and boat captain left the dock last Friday in search of dolphins he guaranteed we would find them. And find them we did, plus they were in a playful mood. The captain, Chris Eberly of the Southern Rose, stated that in two years he had never failed to find dolphins in our bays and backwaters. What entertainment for the 101 Meyer Real Estate winter visitors who were being treated to the free dolphin cruise as part of our 26 Winter Guest events this year.

So there we were on a beautiful day in February, with the sun shining brightly and a brisk breeze blowing as we began looking on the left and looking on the right for these amazing creatures. The Southern Rose is equipped with underwater cameras which provided our first dolphin glimpse. Soon two dolphins broke the surface of the water to our delight. The captain made sure he circled the creatures so that the crowds gathered on each side of the boat could get a good look and try their hand at capturing dolphins on film. Personally I never managed to snap the photo at the appropriate time, so I got lots of photos of water and only one photo with a visible fin in the frame. As we moved to locations frequented by the dolphin families, we saw more and more of them and watched as they raced the boat and played in the warm waters.

The two hour cruise had plenty of sights to enjoy, in addition to dolphins, as the captain described some of the more outstanding structures we were viewing and told some inside info about the property owners. Sometimes I like to play tourist and enjoy the area amusements available to our visitors. This was a grand opportunity for me to do so and I enjoyed the afternoon very much. I would highly recommend a dolphin cruise on the Southern Rose in Orange Beach, Alabama when you visit our coast.

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