Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gulf Shores Steamer named a "Best Dive" Restaurant by Coastal Living Magazine

I love steamed seafood, especially shrimp and royal reds (which taste like lobster without the price). By the way if you’ve never had royal reds you haven’t lived – put that on your bucket list. And some of the best steamed seafood in Gulf Shores is served at Gulf Shores Steamer and Grill, open since 1989. Just ask any local for a recommendation and you’ll consistently hear “The Steamer” as it’s known to us. Now Coastal Living magazine confirms our taste and in their May 2009 issue recognized Gulf Shores Steamer as one of the “Southeast’s Best Seafood Dives.”

The Coastal Living article told prospective customers to expect “gigantic servings of steamed seafood.” And further stated “The vast combination platters (steamed only; nothing’s fried here) can easily feed a family.”

The motto of Gulf Shores Steamer and Grill has always been “No Fried” and they specialize in fresh steamed and grilled seafood, including royal red shrimp, snow crab legs, mussels and oysters. Other magazines and newspapers which have featured Gulf Shores Steamer and Grill include USA Today, Southern Living, Houston Chronicle and the New Orleans Time Picayune.

My advice is head to our coast as soon as you can get away from the daily grind, grab a stack of napkins and indulge in delightful fresh steamed seafood at Gulf Shores Steamer and Grill. By the way, reservations for summer accommodations in condos and houses are still possible and discounted 25-35% at Meyer Real Estate.

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gssteamer said...

The Gulf Shores Steamer is now located at 27267 Perdido Beach Blvd Suite 115, Orange Beach AL 36561. The GS Steamer is now located in SanRoc Cay. Thanks in advance for updating the information.