Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sea Turtle Nests Located At Gulf Shores Island

For generations sea turtles have been nesting on the same beaches where they were born. The beaches of Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach all potentially have nests where turtle eggs are present for two months until they hatch. The most common sea turtle on these beaches are loggerheads, which are a threatened species, and occasionally there are also Kemp’s Ridley turtles, which are an endangered species.

Once the hatchlings emerge they instinctively follow the light of the moon back into the Gulf waters to begin their life’s journey. Because artificial light from beachfront condos and houses can sometimes confuse the baby turtles Meyer Real Estate provides information to our guests about the process of turning off these exterior lights during a hatching.

But how do you know when this wondrous event is taking place? That’s where the Share the Beach sea turtle volunteers come into play during turtle nesting season from May through October. This year these dedicated individuals have identified 24 nests on the coast. Each nest is marked with four stakes and orange tape. When the hatching time approaches the volunteers become full-time babysitters.

Next time you rent a house of condo on the beach watch for the turtle nest signs and you just might be fortunate enough to see this miracle of life during your vacation. Visit for vacation information and sizzling summer discounts.

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